ZALUBEM is an architectural office

lead client without a stumble to realization his building
provide complex cervices in architecture and building design
  architectural studies, feasibility surveys
  building design at all grades of design preparation
  author's and technical site supervisions
  interior design
  urbanistic studies
communicate in
  Czech, English, Franch, German and Rushia
  has experiences with projects in abrod (inside and outside of the EU)
------------ people ------------

Michal Cerny

1999-2005 study CVUT Prague, Fafulty of Civil eng., branch architecture
2010 autorization at Czech Chambre of Architects (CKA 03 745)
2003-2004 ARCHITEP, Hradec Kralove
2005-2009 RH-ARCH, Prague
2009 EVP ingenierie, Paris
from 2010 ZALUBEM, Hradec Kralove

Ales Balcar

2005-2011 study CVUT Prague, Fafulty of Civil eng., branch Struture design
2009-2010 study SFU Krasnoyarsk, Fafulty of Civil eng.
2007-2009 RH-ARCH, Prague
from 2011 ZALUBEM, Hradec Kralove


Jana Skalicka

2007-souč. study VUT Brno, Fafulty of Civil eng., branch architecture
2003-2007 building technacal school Hradec Kralove
from 2012 ZALUBEM, Hradec Kralove