Atelier ZALUBEM project its ideas to paper by use CAD system Bricscad. Visualizations are prepared in Maxwell render.
All the people, differenceless, has one characteristic: desire to easy his work. When a man became make a tools, he open the gate leads up to the civilization of nowadays. We are not different. As a need of our office, we have developed several applications, which simplify the work in CAD. Here, we would like share some of them with you...
Tool for advanced editing of HATCHs for Bricscad. With two commands you can:
- reassociate an existing HATCH object to new boundaries
- create polylines representing an existing HATCH object
How the commands works you can see on the picture. For evaluation, you can the application download here. If you find our solution useful for you, you could buy your licence for unlimited usage of the application ror 12EUR on the site